OTC Medication for Alcohol Detox Symptoms

Of all the drugs one can withdrawal from, alcohol might have the worst symptoms. Detoxification from alcohol can be dangerous, even deadly under the most extreme circumstances. Because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be so hazardous to your health and especially severe for chronic alcoholism, the National Institute of Health says this concerning alcohol detox:

Patients should be kept calm in a controlled environment to try to reduce the risks of progression from mild symptoms to hallucinations. (NIH)

With that said, it’s always recommended that detoxing from extreme alcohol abuse should be done under the supervision of trained medical professionals, such as the clinical team we’ve assembled at Allure Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida.

How to Relieve Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawals occur after the continuous heavy drinking occurring weeks or months in a row. Enzymes that the body makes to break down alcohol increase with tolerance, and once the body is without, the overload of enzymes sends the body into detox.  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Nausea

The most severe of these symptoms require hospitalization and subsequent prescriptions to avoid long-term health consequences. But sometimes, that support isn’t available, or the severity of the signs does not merit medical treatment.

OTC Medication for Alcohol Detox Symptoms

Over-the-Counter Medication to Ease Alcohol Detox

Here is a list of over-the-counter medications that one can take to alleviate alcohol detox symptoms.

Water – First and foremost, the body will need loads of water while going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This will help to flush the system of toxins and provide much-needed rehydration. Plenty of water is a good idea anytime, but especially during detox.

Proper Nutrition – Alcohol consists of empty calories, which offer the consumer zero nutritional value. Also, how healthy are the things we often eat while intoxicated? Usually, the intoxicated person will opt for whatever is easy and tasty in such a reduced capacity. A chronic alcoholic may go years into this harmful cycle of booze and various forms of fast food. Giving the body the wholesome food it needs during the detox process can only help, not hurt.

Dramamine – A common over-the-counter medication used to treat nausea or motion sickness; Dramamine can help keep down the food and water the body needs when it’s purging of toxic chemicals. Dramamine can be found for $10 or less at almost any drug store.

Vitamin B – Intense drinking deteriorates the body and deprives it of vitamins, especially vitamin B. Long-term vitamin B-1 deprivation over time can lead to a severe condition called Korsakoff’s syndrome, also known as ‘wet brain,’ and is a form of alcohol-related brain injury. Make sure to have plenty of B-1 on hand (also known on some bottles as Thiamine) when the alcohol is ready to go for a chronic abuser! Vitamin C can also help alleviate detox symptoms by healing the body and uplifting one’s spirits in the trying times.

Kudzu – This is an ancient Asian herb that has been known to reduce alcohol cravings and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal since 600 AD. Also, kudzu can reduce alcohol consumption before drinking is known to occur and decrease the propensity for returning to binge drinking after five days.  Blogs are calling this supplement “the natural Antabuse.”

What Can I Do for Alcohol Detox?

Unfortunately, not many tried and proper supplements work consistently for everyone other than the ones listed above. Alcohol has a profound effect on the body and is inconsistent in individuals depending on genetics.

Some people can drink more than others and not feel hangovers or chronically and not feel withdrawal symptoms. Either way, alcoholism is a severe disease that affects millions, and help is all around you… if you know where to look. Allure Detox is ready and standing by if you or a loved one are ready for medically-supervised detoxification that genuinely minimizes the painful alcohol withdrawal symptoms.


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Published on: 2021-03-30
Updated on: 2024-06-19