Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) offers a balanced approach to mental health that leads to personal and interpersonal wellness. At Allure Detox, we help patients develop a balance between acceptance and change that reduces stress, leading to recovery. In addition, it promotes healthy relationships and helps manage emotions.

Professor of Psychology Marsha Linehan conceived the idea of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) by altering parts of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Along with her co-workers in the late 1980s, she found that it offered help for people who needed a specific kind of help.  Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). It’s a common therapy for people with borderline personality disorder (BPD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),binge-eating disorders, self harm/self injury and suicidal ideation but therapists provide it for other mental health conditions as well.DBT provides a different approach to addiction treatment in West Palm Beach that offers advantages in recovery. Working with our trained dbt therapists, patients learn to achieve an emotional balance that promotes healing. Treatment that promotes acceptance of a situation presents an option that may provide hope for addiction treatment in South Florida. It offers a more positive way of looking at things instead of judging and placing blame.

Examining the Addiction Landscape in West Palm Beach

Addictions to alcohol, cocaine and heroin continue to rank as the most common in West Palm Beach. Television news showed a 25% increase in addiction center admissions during COVID. Data from the state reveals a steady incline in substance use, abuse and overdose over two decades. However, the unique societal and environmental factors in West Palm Beach contribute to addiction.

While the area attracts people to enjoy golf, beaches, museums and festivals, other influences contribute to addiction. A report on the community shows that people in the area struggle with health concerns such as cancer and diabetes.

In addition, substance use and poor mental health also create problems in the community. Issues that challenge feelings of well-being include racism, lack of trust and limited opportunities for economic mobility. Any such condition may lead to substance abuse and its outcomes.

Palm Beach County helps community organizations such as these in West Palm Beach that offer addiction services. Agencies that receive support from the county help make treatment available. Communities surrounding West Palm Beach offer services as well.

  • Drug Abuse Treatment Association helps youth reduce substance abuse by offering a place to live while getting well and an outpatient program.
  • Father Flanagan’s Boys Town matches mental health services to at-risk children and families.
  • Jerome Golden Center helps clients detox from alcohol and other drugs.
  • Mental Health Association refers young people to trusted treatment.

Learning the Core Principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Six main points in DBT include helping patients learn healthy behaviors by accepting situations. In addition, it focuses on finding ways to change conditions that exist. Learning how to recognize unhelpful behaviors and responses can help patients succeed in recovery. DBT promotes working with others, acquiring new skills and accepting assistance.

Acceptance and change form the core of DBT. By helping people learn to enjoy living in the moment, DBT can produce results in reducing self-destructive behavior such as substance use disorders. It offers DBT skills training that help patients learn to use helpful recovery tools such as these:

  • Mindfulness means remaining aware of surroundings and events.
  • Distress tolerance teaches coping methods.
  • Emotion regulation decreases unpleasant feelings.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness teaches self-respect and respect for others in relationships.

Finding How DBT Works in the Context of Addiction Treatment

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
DBT Residential Treatment Centers Florida

In group or individual therapy, patients with drug and alcohol use issues learn to use the core principles of DBT. Goals include reducing drug use, cravings and the discomfort of withdrawal. Creating or rebuilding a network of friends and interests helps patients receive encouragement in recovery. Therapy sessions focus on helping patients set realistic goals and learning to avoid triggers that lead to use again.  There are four components of a comprehensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: skills training group, individual treatment, DBT phone coaching, and consultation team.

Dealing with the Emotions of Addiction

DBT addresses addictive behavior and emotions by teaching acceptance and this helps you pay attention to your thoughts, impulsivity, sensations, and feelings. By allowing them to enter instead of turning them away, patients can find a balance that includes acceptance and change. DBT skills modules like mindfulness skills and distress tolerance can help manage cravings, intense emotions, and prevent relapse.

Using DBT Core Principles

A good self-image builds confidence that helps patients maintain sobriety, a benefit of mindfulness that DBT promotes. Learning how to increase distress tolerance makes it easier to manage stress and not escape with alcohol. A learned technique of emotion regulation teaches patients how to understand and even prevent negative emotions. Improving interpersonal skills means expressing needs and boundaries clearly.

Reviewing the Implementation of DBT in West Palm Beach

According to Psychology Today, West Palm Beach offers names of facilities such as these six that integrate DBT in local addiction treatment centers. Many more appear on their website.

  • Resilience Recovery Resources treats males ages 15-24 with substance use disorder and other issues.
  • URP Behavioral Health provides comprehensive inpatient care for adults who seek mental wellness.
  • Futures Recovery Healthcare patients receive care for complex addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Guardian IOP – Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment provides gender-specific treatment for adults with substance dependency.
  • Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug Rehab Center offers a comfortable setting for recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Hanley Center at Origins offers services from detox to therapies and continued care planning.

Case studies on the outcomes of DBT appear here.

Combining DBT with Other Treatment Modalities in West Palm Beach
Treatment for substance use issues requires an approach that uses a combination of methods. Trained therapists choose one or more techniques to achieve results. Psychology Today provides an
online list of Dialectical Behavior (DBT) support groups in Palm Beach County.

  • Medication-assisted treatment uses FDA-approved drugs to support a full-service program of counseling and therapies.
  • Group therapy and support groups contribute to a recovery program by providing a comfortable setting where patients can learn from the experiences of others.
  • Incorporation of holistic therapies uses talk to treat a patient’s mind, body and spirit in addition to other forms of therapy.
  • Coordination with family therapy and support programs enhances recovery that requires slow and steady progress to achieve benefits from community outreach.

Discovering Benefits and Challenges of Using DBT for Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach

In DBT treatment, patients can learn validation and transformation as companion ideas not in conflict. The benefits of the method include techniques that improve relationships and help make managing difficult moments easier. Mindfulness and distress tolerance help improve patients’ quality of life as measurable benefits of the DBT method.

However, while DBT provides proven treatment benefits, it has guidelines that patients must follow. Some patients may consider them a disadvantage of the DBT approach. In addition, patients must do homework to achieve the benefits of treatment, and the requirement may not appeal to everyone.

Accessing DBT for Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach

Steps to finding DBT practitioners and treatment centers in West Palm Beach start with a Google search. More than 40 facilities in the city and even more in surrounding communities make treatment available at convenient locations.

Each treatment facility offers to explain insurance and financial considerations on request, and many provide a free diagnosis of conditions that need treatment. In addition, most treatment organizations recommend community resources that patients can use for continuous support during and after recovery.

Promoting Community Engagement and Education

People may have no awareness of DBT and addiction treatment until a friend or family member needs help for a substance use disorder. As the treatment helps people recover, it begins to create a community of support for the method. With workshops, programs and community events, awareness of the value of DBT increases. Collaborative efforts that involve local government, nonprofit organizations and treatment facilities make it easier to find treatment locations.

Summarizing the Options

Struggling with substance use disorders can create a lonely existence where it may seem that no one cares. However, the inclusion of DBT in addiction treatment in West Palm Beach makes loneliness unnecessary. The opportunities for helpful solutions to mental health issues encourage community involvement and support of programs that provide it. Anyone who struggles with addiction can find help by calling any treatment facility for information. Kind, knowledgeable and experienced staff can share how to take the next steps.

Resources and References

Internet users can find a directory of more than 100 DBT practitioners in West Palm Beach here. Psychology Today provides a brief description of the treatment methods that each practitioner uses. In addition, a list of Dialectical Behavior (DBT) treatment centers in West Palm Beach appears here.

Choosing Allure Detox for DBT Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach

Our professional therapists know that stopping drug or alcohol use without medical help puts success almost out of reach. Withdrawal symptoms after lengthy periods of drug or alcohol use can reach dangerous levels, and only a specially trained doctor can decide when someone needs detox. If you or a loved one might benefit from DBT, it’s important to talk with a healthcare provider or mental health professional who is trained in the approach. At Allure Detox, we provide a comfortable setting that welcomes family support during medical detox. Call us today to start your recovery.

Published on: 2023-06-30
Updated on: 2024-06-19

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