Did you know that having an addiction affects your entire self? When we say this, we mean that the effects of drug or alcohol addiction go beyond your physical body to include your mind, emotional well-being, and spirit. Holistic drug rehab seeks to treat your entire self, not just your physical body. It does this by providing you with an individualized treatment program that offers natural therapies, counseling, psychotherapy, and spiritual care. Holistic treatment programs are designed to help you get and stay drug-abuse-free for the long term. Let’s take a look at how holistic treatment compares to traditional drug addiction treatment.


If you’re suffering from substance abuse disorder, it’s important to seek treatment. Getting professional care from a drug treatment center, like Allure Detox, can help you break the cycle of addiction so that you can lead a sober and healthy lifestyle. It also helps ensure your physical health and safety. This is because using drugs and/or alcohol can negatively affect your physical activity conditions and even mental health. Detoxing from those substances can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Getting professional care can help you safely mitigate all the health challenges you’ll face while getting sober. The only choice you have to make is whether you want to go into a traditional treatment program or a holistic treatment program.


When it comes to choosing the right treatment program for you, you may want to look into both traditional drug treatment programs and holistic drug treatment programs. For both of these programs, the goal is to help you stop using your drug of choice and achieve long-term sobriety. However, the approaches are slightly different.

Traditional Addiction Treatment Methods

Traditional addiction treatment focuses on clinical guidelines and evidence-based approaches. They often include a medical component to ensure the individual detoxes safely. Once the detox process is complete, the individual can expect to receive various psychotherapies as well as individual and group therapy sessions. These treatments often take place in a structured environment where timelines and treatment plans are predetermined.

Shortcomings of conventional treatments

While conventional or mainstream treatment methods may work for some people, they don’t work for everyone. This is because they can be too rigid in their treatment approaches, and provide limited services when it comes to dual-diagnosis treatments.

  • Too Much Reliance on Medication – Medication has its place in drug addiction treatment. It’s very useful in managing withdrawal symptoms and helping with cravings, but some traditional treatment approaches rely too much on medications and not enough on the underlying causes of addiction, addiction education and therapeutic approaches to managing the disease.
  • Too Focused on the Treatment of Symptoms – Too many mainstream drug addiction programs focus on short-term goals, like stopping substance usage, reducing cravings and preventing or managing immediate relapse triggers, rather than focusing on long-term lifestyle changes and the factors that contribute to addiction and relapses.
  • Not Enough Emphasis on Lifestyle Changes – Staying sober often means making numerous lifestyle changes for the rest of your life. Traditional treatment programs may not place enough emphasis on the type of lifestyle changes that are needed and how to maintain them for the long term.

Understanding Holistic Rehab

Holistic rehab is a newer approach to treating substance abuse disorder. It focuses on treating the whole person, which includes your physical body, mind, emotional well-being and spirit. This is because holistic treatment providers understand that drug addiction affects individuals on multiple levels. For these reasons, holistic drug addiction treatment programs tend to offer individualized plans that are adjusted for you, according to your progress.

Holistic Therapies

Core Principles of the Holistic Approach to Treatment

Holistic treatment programs tend to operate on a set of core principles, including:

  • Letting individuals determine their own path for their recovery.
  • Treatments are person-centered, meaning that programs are tailored to the needs, preferences, strengths and weaknesses of each individual.
  • The individual receiving the treatment can choose among various treatment options and help make decisions during the process, which can increase motivation and help keep them accountable.


Providers of holistic drug rehabilitation programs understand that healing from substance use disorder can be a non-linear process. This means that individuals may do well for a while and then make a mistake or experience a setback. Holistic treatment programs let individuals learn from those mistakes so that they can do better in the future and continue to heal. In order to facilitate that learning and healing, holistic treatment programs incorporate many different components.

  • Physical Wellness – Holistic programs help with physical wellness by encouraging exercise, nutrition, getting proper sleep and practicing proper hygiene. They also offer complimentary therapies, like yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy.
  • Mental Wellness – Holistic programs promote mental wellness by offering individual and group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation.
  • Emotional Wellness – Holistic programs help individuals with their emotional wellness by offering art therapy, music therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
  • Spiritual Wellness – Individuals in holistic treatment programs can help their spiritual wellness by fostering connections, finding a purpose in their lives and taking time to reflect.


If you’re thinking about entering a holistic treatment program, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many benefits.

  • Holistic treatment programs offer a comprehensive approach that addresses your physical body, mental healthcare, and emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Holistic treatment programs focus on providing individualized treatment that is based on the person’s strengths, desires, goals, and needs.
  • Holistic treatment programs do more than treat the addiction. They also focus on finding and treating any underlying issues that may have contributed to the substance use disorder.
  • Holistic treatment programs understand that there is a mind/body connection, and both the mind and body must be treated together.


Holistic drug treatment is a proven and effective way to treat substance use disorder. According to Revisiting Holistic Interventions in Substance Abuse Treatment programs, which was published in 2017, holism has proven to be effective for treating addiction, and because of its effectiveness, it is growing in popularity. There have even been studies on the effectiveness of art therapy for the treatment of substance use disorder, which is sometimes referred to as problematic substance abuse in scholarly articles. The truth of the matter is that there is a growing database of evidence that suggests that treating the whole person via holistic interventions is successful.


While holistic drug treatment programs are growing in popularity and can provide individuals with many benefits, it’s important to understand that holistic programs aren’t right for everyone, and more studies need to be done on their effectiveness.

  • No Standard Treatment Protocols – Holistic treatment doesn’t necessarily have a standard, which means the quality of care can vary greatly between treatment centers. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that everyone working in the center has the proper education, experience and credentials.
  • Watch Out for Too Good to Be True Claims – Some treatment centers may exaggerate their success rates or the quality of their programs. Always try to verify the claims made by individual treatment centers.
  • Overuse of Holistic Therapies – While holistic treatment options can help individuals overcome their substance use disorder, an over-emphasis of those therapies with little to no conventional options available may hinder the program.
  • May Not Be Covered by Insurance – Some insurance policies don’t offer coverage for holistic treatment options for drug addiction. Always check with your insurance provider to see if the holistic treatment center is covered and which services are covered.
  • May Simply Not Be the Right Option for You – Holistic drug treatment may not be for everyone. Some people have issues with certain aspects of the programs, like the spirituality and mindfulness components.


When choosing a drug addiction treatment program, whether it’s holistic or traditional, it’s important to look for a program that offers a personalized approach. This is because drug treatment centers that offer personalized treatment plans can offer you the therapies and modalities that are most likely to benefit you, and you’ll have a say in which treatments you’ll receive.

  • The underlying causes of your addiction will be addressed, including any contributing factors, like trauma, mental health issues and environmental issues.
  • Your treatment will be tailored to your strengths, resources and support systems.
  • The duration and intensity of your treatment program will be adjusted according to your needs.


Drug rehab modalities are always changing based on new research. In the future, we expect individualized treatment programs to become more commonplace, and we expect that holistic treatment modalities will be integrated into the mainstream or traditional treatment programs in order to provide a more comprehensive approach. We also expect more programs to include an emphasis on whole-life improvement that incorporates healthy eating and staying active along with tips and tricks on how to build healthy friendships and relationships.

For those who have underlying physical ailments that led to their dependency on pain medications, we expect more emphasis on how to manage pain without medications. For those with underlying mental health disorders, we expect that drug addiction treatment will soon incorporate more ways to manage mental health in positive and constructive ways.

In the far future, we may even see programs that address pre-drug addiction and substance use disorder from a DNA perspective. Just imagine being able to take a DNA test that analyzes your risk of becoming dependent and gives you tips and tricks on how to manage your life so that you avoid those risk factors. Of course, if you do accidentally become dependent, imagine being able to get a DNA test that recommends certain treatments based on your DNA markers. These modalities could change the entire landscape of drug addiction treatment.

Of course, just because we don’t have access to advanced DNA testing for drug addiction and treatments doesn’t mean you can’t get treatment today at a holistic addiction treatment center, like Allure Detox. At our treatment center, you can talk to us at any time via our chat program. Our drug rehab center offers dual diagnosis rehab programs, individual counseling and plenty of holistic recovery programs, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Start your or your loved one’s addiction recovery journey with our recovery center —get help today, move, and give us a call!


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Published on: 2023-05-31
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