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At Allure Detox, we are an Inpatient Medical Detox and Residential Treatment Center.

From our experience, we’ve seen that the vast majority of those that attend detox without entering a residential program immediately afterward will experience a relapse. A continuum of care is needed from the detox program into a residential treatment facility to facilitate the long-term recovery process.

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During medical detox, an individual will be given the care they need to safely withdrawal from the chemical substances they have been abusing. In some cases, medication may be necessary – in some cases, 24-hour medical care is needed. Depending on which substances are involved and the length and severity of use, the entire detox process can last for anywhere between 3 days and several weeks. Such a brief stay, while effective in helping the body safely in the withdrawal process, will not be effective if long-term recovery is the ultimate goal.

Of course, addiction is not merely a matter of the body. Years of severe substance abuse will take a severe toll on the psyche, and external problems will undeniably accumulate (such as debt, a lack of adequate housing, etc). The main goal of residential treatment is to help newly sober individuals learn to live happily and fulfilled lives of sobriety while helping them to thoroughly deal with any residual emotional or psychological issues.

Is Residential Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Residential treatment centers offer a higher level of care than would be available in an outpatient program, which can be extremely beneficial to those in need of continued therapeutic supervision. Residential centers are in place to provide patients with a safe, secure, and monitored living environment, as well as access to group therapy, individual therapy, and ongoing psychiatric evaluation (if deemed necessary). For many newly sober individuals, returning directly to the hustle and bustle of daily life can be overwhelming. Perhaps things at home are rather stressful, or personal obligations seem impossible to balance.

West Palm Beach inpatient rehab offers individuals the opportunity to focus exclusively on themselves for an extended period of time, without worrying about external stressors and responsibilities. The success rates of inpatient treatment are very high, seeing as this method of treatment allows people to step away from their everyday surroundings and completely submerge themselves in therapeutic care. Regardless of how severe the addiction was, our West Palm Beach inpatient rehab center can be extremely beneficial.

Allure Detox and Residential Treatment

While we at Allure focus on safe, medically monitored detoxification, we also offer a comprehensive and effective inpatient program, designed for continuous care. Our West Palm Beach residential addiction treatment program follows an evidence-based approach to treating addiction. We have developed a program that caters to both men and women, and employs numerous evidence-based modalities, all focused on long-term healing. Our state of the art facility comes complete with individual rooms, as well as a group area, kitchen, and dining room.

Our specific program offers traditional and group therapy, as well as new, unique amenities, such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic services. Nutrition is also very important when it comes to addiction recovery – eating healthy, well-rounded meals will help the body and mind heal faster and remain stronger.

We at Allure believe that comprehensive recovery involves the mind and the body and that laying the groundwork for a healthy life includes the introduction to and instilment of healthy habits. We take our clients to the gym regularly and give them the option of participating in yoga and meditation. When it comes to our residential program, no stone is left unturned. Of course, as our clients move forward in their treatment programs, they will be re-evaluated, and their individual treatment plans will change depending on their progress.

Drug Detection Dog Service

Allure Detox employs the services of Drug Sweeper, which is a privately-owned drug dog detection service operating in South Florida to protect the safety of our patients. A detection dog or sniffer dog is a dog that is trained to use its senses to detect substances such as illegal drugs. The sense most used by detection dogs is their smell. The reason a drug detection dog service would be implemented into an addiction program is mainly for the security and safety of their staff and patients. The patients come in with the intent to get clean and sober but if someone manages to get drugs into the facility the danger it would cause is unacceptable.

As much as a human being/staff member searches for these illicit drugs within the belongings of a new client or someone else entering the facility, there is a possibility that the drug could have been placed and hidden somewhere creative and unforeseen. To prevent the unforeseen hidden drugs from passing through a facility a drug detection dog service is hired and set in place. No chances are to be taken when protecting the wellbeing and safety of patients.

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