Does Valium Help with Heroin Withdrawal?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in 2018 alone, more than 128 US citizens died every day as a direct result of the nationwide opioid epidemic. Over the past decade, thousands of innocent men and women have lost their lives to opioid narcotics like prescription painkillers and heroin. Heroin, specifically, has become a primary health-related concern throughout the country. The sad truth of the matter is that even though there are many treatment resources available, most men and women who struggle with heroin addiction fail to seek the help they need before it is too late.

At Allure Detox, we believe that quality clinical care and medically monitored heroin detox should be available to anyone in need. We ensure that our services are both accessible and practical – our main priority is ensuring that no more lives are senselessly lost to heroin addiction. If you or someone you love has been struggling with heroin abuse or the abuse of any other potent opioid narcotic, please give us a call today, and we will help get you or your loved one started on the road to heroin addiction recovery.

Does Valium Help with Heroin Withdrawal?

Is Valium effective for heroin withdrawal?

Valium (diazepam) can help manage certain symptoms of heroin withdrawal, but it is not a comprehensive treatment. Here’s how it can assist and its limitations:

How Valium Helps:

  1. Anxiety and Agitation: Valium is a benzodiazepine that can help reduce anxiety and agitation, which are common during heroin withdrawal.
  2. Insomnia: It can aid in improving sleep quality and managing insomnia.
  3. Muscle Spasms: Valium can alleviate muscle spasms and tension.


  1. Addiction Risk: Valium itself has a high potential for dependence and abuse, so its use must be carefully monitored.
  2. Limited Symptom Relief: While it helps with specific symptoms, Valium does not address all aspects of heroin withdrawal, such as gastrointestinal issues or cravings.
  3. Short-Term Use: Valium is typically used for short-term relief due to its addiction potential.


  • Medical Supervision: Valium should be used under strict medical supervision, often as part of a broader treatment plan that includes other medications and supportive therapies.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Effective heroin withdrawal management usually involves a combination of medications, counseling, and support.

Valium can help with some symptoms of heroin withdrawal, but it should be used cautiously and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan under medical guidance.

Medication for Heroin Withdrawal

When it comes to heroin withdrawal, many medications have been proven safe and effective in minimizing withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings. One of these medications is Valium – a prescription medication most used in the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. When treating the symptoms of heroin withdrawal with a medication like Valium, which has a high propensity for abuse, the process must be overseen by a team of experienced medical professionals.

That is where Allure Detox comes into play. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals will work together to ensure that the detox process is as pain-free as possible. In many instances, medications like Valium will reduce the physical pain and psychological cravings associated with heroin withdrawal, making the overall process far easier to undergo. However, individuals who have been abusing heroin must never attempt to withdraw on their own. If they try to withdraw at home without the assistance of medical professionals, complications related to specific withdrawal symptoms can be devastating. Attempting to withdraw on your own with the aid of a medication like Valium can result in a unique set of problems. Valium is also addictive, and not dosing properly can lead to an overdose or complications.

Some of the Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

While Valium effectively treats the symptoms of heroin withdrawal in a safe and controlled medical environment, this specific medication is habit-forming, and using the medication should never be used in a home setting. Clinical supervision is always necessary. The medically assisted detox offered by Allure Detox will help minimize the symptoms of heroin withdrawal comfortably and safely. Some of the heroin withdrawal symptoms we help treat with the use of Valium include:

  • Runny nose and watery eyes
  • Muscle aches and severe muscle cramping
  • Stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Low-grade fever
  • Chills and night sweats
  • Psychological symptoms like anxiety and depression

Allure Detox and Heroin Withdrawal

At Allure Detox, we specialize in treating symptoms associated with heroin withdrawal. Our main priority is ensuring that each one of our clients is as comfortable as possible. Our professionals also work together to ensure that all psychological symptoms of heroin withdrawal are adequately treated, from severe anxiety to intense and persistent cravings. If you or someone close to you has been suffering from heroin abuse or addiction and is looking to quit long-term, we are here to help. Give us a call today, and we will help get you or your loved one started on the lifelong road to fulfilled recovery.

Published on: 2020-07-22
Updated on: 2024-06-19