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Xanax Detox and Treatment

Xanax addiction is a serious chemical dependency that requires clinical supervision to ensure that a person can safely detox. People who have been taking benzodiazepines like Xanax, over time, usually become physically dependent on the drug and suffer greatly when they attempt to wean themselves off Xanax. At Allure Detox, we have medically-assisted detox programs that provide replacement and comfort medication that will ease withdrawal symptoms.

Our Xanax detox in West Palm Beach, Florida is overseen by an experienced clinical staff that specializes in Xanax addiction recovery. Every person who is admitted into our comfortable Xanax detox unit will be under the care of state-licensed clinicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists. Each staff member of our cross-disciplinary team works together to ensure that our clients are monitored around the clock.

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West Palm Beach Xanax Detox

Addiction to Xanax requires that the person receive 24-hour medical observation and assessment. Once Xanax withdrawal symptoms begin, individuals will begin to experience panic, delirium, heart palpitations, seizures and shortness of breath. Because the withdrawal symptoms can cause medical emergencies, it is critical that the individual coming off Xanax be attended to by a professional clinical staff.

Additionally, people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Xanax addiction also experience emotional and mental stress. Xanax is typically prescribed for anxiety or nervousness. Most prescriptions are written to help improve emotional and mental health. Therefore, the withdrawal symptoms a person experiences are difficult and potentially life-threatening.

At Allure Xanax detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, we prescribe safe medications to help ease the emotional and mental stress that is felt during a benzo detox. Common symptoms of emotional and mental stress during Xanax withdrawal include insomnia or restless sleep, nervousness and tension, confusion, agitation, depression, hallucinations, paranoid thoughts, fear, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts. Our psychiatric staff assesses each client daily for these and other emotional conditions. Every client will meet with a counselor and doctor regularly and be encouraged to attend in-house groups and meetings.

How to come off Xanax safely?

Xanax detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, ensures that each person not only comes safely off Xanax but that they are given a treatment plan for after they’ve completed our drug detox program. Our friendly staff at Allure Detox has dedicated their careers to helping addicts get clean and sober and remain clean and sober. Professional West Palm Beach addiction treatment is now available for individuals addicted to Xanax and other benzodiazepines.

If you or a loved one are addicted to Xanax and need to be admitted into a West Palm Beach drug detox that provides medical supervision, the first step is to call one of our Xanax addiction recovery specialists. Our specialists will make all admission arrangements necessary to begin your recovery journey.

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