For a person to recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol or both, the first step in the recovery process is detox. Detoxification is necessary for most addicts and alcoholics who have become physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Without medication, medical supervision, and monitoring, a person may suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. Additionally, the chances that a person does not relapse to find relief from withdrawal symptoms when they are not prescribed helpful medication is quite low.

Allure Detox has been helping addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober once and for all. Our medically supervised Meritain drug detox center provides safe and effective medications that ease and diminish withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, opiates, heroin, benzos, pain pills, meth, cocaine, Methadone, Suboxone, and Adderall. Withdrawal symptoms from these substances are dangerous, and in some cases, can cause death. It is imperative that if you or your family member is addicted to drugs and or alcohol that they are admitted into a professional Meritain drug detox center.

Drug Alcohol Detox Centers

Drug Detox That Takes Meritain Insurance

We accept all health insurance plans that include behavioral health benefits. Behavioral health benefits will cover most if not all of our detox services. One plan that we work with frequently with is Meritain health insurance. Meritain insurance is part of the Aetna Health Network, and its policies include behavioral health benefits. If you or your loved one has a policy with Meritain or another plan and are unsure if your policy has behavioral health benefits, our admission representatives can locate where your behavioral health benefits are within minutes.

As a Meritain medical detox center, all of our clients are provided safe medications upon arrival and treated with great care and compassion. Allure Detox understands how difficult detox is and that the withdrawal symptoms are very hard to endure. Our professional staff of addiction detox experts is sensitive to the needs of each client. We provide 24-hour care, and every client’s safety and physical, mental, and emotional comfort is our number one priority.

Meritain Drug Alcohol Detox Centers

To be successful in recovery, the first step is to detoxify all the substances from the body. During detoxification, a person also needs tremendous compassion, and his or her need to be cared about must be met. A professional detox center must evaluate each patient, stabilize them, and encourage them to be admitted into a drug and alcohol treatment program. Additionally, a detox center must incorporate a great level of emotional support towards the person in detox.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

“All three components (evaluation, stabilization, and fostering a patient’s entry into treatment) involve treating the patient with compassion and understanding. Patients undergoing detoxification need to know that someone cares about them respects them as individuals and has hope for their future. Actions taken during detoxification will demonstrate to the patient that the provider’s recommendations can be trusted and followed.” (NCBI).

To discover if your health insurance policy from Meritain or another plan will cover the cost of our drug and alcohol detox services, please don’t hesitate to allow us to locate where in your plan are the benefits that will cover your detox. We work to get people admitted quickly into Allure Detox to help them actualize their desire to get and stay clean and sober.


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Published on: 2019-07-04
Updated on: 2024-06-07

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