While some individuals suffering addiction tend to shy away from getting the needed help because of addiction treatment costs, you can cross the hurdle with an insurance policy that fully or partially covers your treatment.

If you hold an Empire BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) insurance policy, then you are a step ahead in returning to a sober life. Another step would be finding an Empire BCBS Drug and Alcohol Detox Center to interpret the extent of your coverage and administer the treatment.

BCBS Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

At Allure Detox, our admissions counselors understand the intricacies of a health insurance policy and offer a free insurance benefits check. We want you to be certain of getting the right assistance with your Empire BCBS insurance plan while you focus on breaking free from illicit drug and alcohol addiction. Taking the first step to recovery by completing a medical detox is not easy and we understand the challenges you’ll face and the concerns you may have along the way.

Drug Detox That Takes Empire BCBS Insurance

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield as a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield provides insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in all parts of New York. Empire BCBS has been providing quality healthcare coverage for New Yorkers for over 80 years. The company offers access to mental health services considering how health challenges in this category can negatively impact people’s lives. Empire BCBS’s parent company, Anthem Inc. operates other independent agencies such as HealthChoice Assurance Inc. and Empire HealthChoice HMO.

Finding an Empire BCBS Drug and Alcohol detox center shouldn’t be difficult if you know where to look. At Allure Detox, you can access the best medical detox and addiction treatment with an Empire BCBS insurance policy just like you would with a standard Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. Every level of an Empire BCBS plan will provide you with a substantial amount of coverage for your medically-assisted detox. In addition, our dedicated team of addiction treatment experts is available to walk you through the entire process of your treatment at Allure Detox.

What does an Empire BCBS Medical Detox Center Offer?

Having an Empire BCBS insurance plan gives you plenty of access to drug and alcohol treatment. With an Empire BCBS plan, addicts and alcoholics are usually covered for a variety of programs that include medical detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, group counseling sessions and family counseling sessions among other treatment options.

It’s best to contact one of our detox specialists so we can go over the extent of your addiction treatment coverage benefits. As an Empire BCBS drug detox center, our mission is to make sure that your medical detoxification goes as smoothly as possible.

We Can Help You Break Free from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The sole purpose of Allure Detox is to help you or a loved one break free from substance abuse. Detoxification remains an important step towards recovery and we ensure this is managed safely, compassionately and within an individualized atmosphere. Our detoxification services include opioid detox, alcohol detox, benzodiazepine detox, and many more. It doesn’t matter if you are neck deep into addiction or just beginning to depend on alcohol and drugs, we can help you take back your life. Contact our Empire BCBS drug and alcohol detox center and take the first step into lasting recovery.

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Published on: 2019-06-29
Updated on: 2024-06-05

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