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Military Substance Abuse Program

Are you or do you know someone in the Army that needs help with substance abuse? The Army has two programs that help with substance abuse and mental health issues called ASAP and SUDCC. ASAP stands for Army Substance Abuse Program. SUDCC is an acronym for Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care. Prior to 2016, ASAP and SUDCC were both managed by ASAP. After 2016, they’ve become separate programs, However, they’re both designed to help soldiers deal with their issues so that they can continue to be productive members of their units.

Military Substance Abuse Program

What is SUDCC?

SUDCC is the evaluation and clinical side of the Army’s military substance abuse program. It offers a diagnosis for substance use disorder and determines if the individual needs to be hospitalized for withdrawal symptoms. After attending SUDCC, the officer or soldier then attends ASAP.

What is the new Army Substance Abuse Program?

ASAP is the prevention and educational side of the Army’s substance use disorder treatment programs. It deals with drug testing, drug reporting, drug and addiction education, and unit-level training for drug and alcohol abuse. They even deal with suicide prevention. They will also evaluate to see if a soldier is experiencing a drug or alcohol abuse instance versus substance use disorder.

What’s the difference between an instance of drug or alcohol abuse and substance use disorder?

An instance of alcohol or drug abuse is where the soldier drank too much or consumed legal or illegal chemicals to the point of extreme intoxication. At this point, the individual would not be addicted to the substance. Substance use disorder is a pattern of consuming drugs or alcohol to the point where the body and brain are dependent on the substances.

How long is Army Substance Abuse Program?

The Army’s substance abuse program lasts between 30 and 360 days. If the soldier is enrolled in the outpatient program, it can vary in length between 30 and 360 days. If the soldier is enrolled in the inpatient program, it is 360 days. The soldier will go to the Alcohol Treatment Center at Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital. The first five weeks are for withdrawal and initial treatment via weekly sessions at ASAP as well as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

How does the Army Substance Abuse Program Work?

ASAP offers substance abuse disorder education in the form of deterring the behavior through knowledge and preventing substance disorder through education and treatment. Its mission is to enhance combat readiness, strengthen the overall fitness, and conserve manpower to create stronger units.

What is the ultimate goal of the Army Substance Abuse Program?

The ASAP program has several objectives, but its overall goal is to ensure that soldiers are combat-ready and that units are cohesive and effective. Current objectives of the ASAP program include:

  • Reduce instances of alcohol and drug abuse through education and preventative measures
  • Implement risk reduction strategies to prevent substance abuse disorder
  • Treat and restore soldiers to duty if they are able to continue their military careers

Who can enter the ASAP program?

The ASAP program is available to soldiers, civilian corps members, and their family members.

Military Substance Abuse Program

How can you enroll in the Army Substance Abuse Program?

It is best to contact your commanding officer for a referral to ASAP. The phone numbers and locations of treatment centers may be different, depending on where you are stationed.

How can you enroll in SUDCC?

It is best to contact your commanding officer for a referral. The phone numbers for SUDCC may be different, depending on your location.

Can I voluntarily enter SUDCC or ASAP?

You can voluntarily enter SUDCC and ASAP via a recent policy change. Receiving voluntary care means that you are still deployable and will not receive an automatic OMD notification. Early treatment and intervention are preferred because it helps prevent negative events related to drug or alcohol use that could impact your career. If you enter voluntarily, you can discontinue care.

What happens if I am mandatorily enrolled in substance abuse treatment in the Army?

If you are required to attend substance abuse disorder treatment, you are not deployable for 12 months, and you cannot dis-enroll yourself from care.

Is it better to self-enroll in a military substance abuse program?

It is better to voluntarily enroll yourself in a military substance abuse program rather than to wait until you make a critical mistake and get caught. If you know you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, please seek help as soon as possible in order to avoid harming your military career.

What if I’m a veteran in need of substance abuse treatment?

If you are a veteran in need of substance abuse treatment, you can call the Veterans Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Do I have to use SUDCC or ASAP?

If you are active-duty military in the Army, you should get help via SUDCC and ASAP. To get a referral to the program, talk to your commanding officer.

What are the three primary elements or goals of a substance abuse program?

Every substance abuse program, including any military substance abuse program, has three goals or elements. The first goal is to help the individual reduce their substance abuse in order to achieve a life that is free of chemical dependence. The second goal is to improve the individual’s ability to function in their life by developing new coping and stress-reduction mechanisms. The third goal is to prevent relapses.

Can I get treatment at Allure Detox in West Palm Beach if I have Tricare?

If you are not required to enroll in ASAP or SUDCC or another military substance abuse treatment program, you can enroll for treatment at Allure Detox in West Palm Beach. We do accept individuals with Tricare medical insurance.

What does Tricare cover?

It’s always important to check with your healthcare provider to see the exact services they provide as those services could change. Currently, Tricare covers:

  • Medical detox
  • Three meals per day while inpatient
  • Drug testing
  • Individual therapy
  • 24/7 clinical care
  • Services geared toward comfort

What services does Allure Detox Offer for substance abuse disorder?

Allure Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida offers medical detox and residential treatment for substance use disorder. We also offer a variety of holistic care options, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and yoga.

How long are the treatment programs at Allure Detox?

Your treatment program will be customized to your needs. In general, most people spend 28 days or one month in drug rehab but treatment could be longer.

How does treatment start at Allure Detox?

Treatment starts with a confidential evaluation, free insurance verification, and an intake assessment. The evaluation is used to determine your needs and how we can help you recover. The insurance verification helps determine what your insurance provider will cover and if you will have any out-of-pocket expenses. The intake assessment determines your level of care and gets you ready for admission into our drug rehab center.

How do I get help at Allure Detox?

You can start the process of getting help by calling us today. Our understanding staff members are ready to take your call and help you get on the road to recovery.

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