Is Zolpidem an Addictive Drug?

Everyone has trouble sleeping now and again. It may happen due to stress or other trauma you have encountered. Or it may because of nerves about something exciting coming up or nervous about a test the next. We all have had trouble sleeping. But sometimes it can affect your everyday life if it continues more than a day or two and we get desperate. This is where sleep medication can help.

Is Zolpidem an Addictive Drug?

Most Prescribed Sleeping Aids

The most commonly prescribed sleep aids are benzodiazepines but there is usually a high addiction risk with those and therefore are not recommended for those easily addicted to substances. So there was then a need for an alternative sleep aid that helps with insomnia. These are known as Z-Drugs or Nonbenzodiazepine.

According to the US National Library of Medicine (NCBI), the rate of diagnosed insomnia in the UK and North America is estimated at 5–15 %, with up to 40 % of the population experiencing symptoms of daytime sleepiness. Some studies quote that up to a third of elderly North Americans are prescribed either a Z-drug or benzodiazepine for sleep disturbance, an alarming statistic given the risks associated with hypnotics in the elderly.

One of the more popular sleep aids prescribed is Zolpidem or Ambien, which is the brand name. Zolpidem is a successful sedative-hypnotic and many other drugs try to copy it. This is an important medication that temporarily treats insomnia and that was originally designed to be safer than previous insomnia treatments, including barbiturates and benzodiazepines, which were both found to be addictive. But is Zolpidem addictive? Too much of anything will always become an addiction.

What is Zolpidem?

Zolpidem is prescribed primarily to treat insomnia, and sometimes other sleep disturbances. There may be an underlying problem that requires an additional diagnosis and treatment If insomnia continues beyond two weeks. Zolpidem is not intended for long-term use because it can be intoxicating, abused, and even a source of addiction.

As part of a class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics, Ambien slows down brain processes and induces a sense of relaxation that allows a person to go to sleep. The drug can cause mental and physical impairment, especially lasting daytime drowsiness, so it is important to take Ambien as prescribed, right before going to bed and getting at least eight hours of rest. It may not be safe for a person taking Ambien to drive or operate machinery even the day after use.

There have been several reports of abuse and dangerous intoxication over the years of Zolpidem although is not considered addictive when taken as directed. Just like anything that you do repeatedly, religiously for long periods, it can be habit-forming, meaning that a person who takes it may feel like they rely on the substance to treat insomnia or sleep disturbances or to manage their life. This can happen with Ambien and while they do not seek intoxication, people that take it may become anxious if they have to stop taking the drug.

Can You Get Addicted to Zolpidem?

People who are addicted to Zolpidem and feel like they rely on it, may escalate their dose, struggle with tolerance to the substance, and feel anxious or panicked when they cannot take the drug. They may be in denial that they need or crave the substance. They may feel ashamed of their struggle

Reported, on both in people who take the medication as directed and in people who abuse Zolpidem recreationally, Zolpidem can cause typically walking, eating, talking, driving, and even participating in sexual activity while asleep. This is called parasomnias.

Parasomnias put the person in physical danger. If they occur when the person is taking the medication as directed, the prescribing doctor may stop the treatment. When they occur in a person struggling with Ambien addiction, they may not be addressed and can lead to serious harm.

Help With Zolpidem Addiction

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