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West Palm Beach Pain Pill Detox

Pain is considered as a curious product of the body that helps us to avoid those things that could harm us. There is a problem when the cause of pain is not obvious. This explains why it is necessary to make use of pain pills to reduce the effects of pain. However, the constant intake of pain pills does more harm than good, that’s why our pain pill detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the best way to get rid of this dependency.

Also, many of us become addicted to prescription opiates simply for recreational purposes, with no underlying causes for taking these dangerously powerful pain pills. Allure Detox specializes in helping men and women that want to safely get off the pain pills that are making life unmanageable.

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Our Pain Pill Detox in South Florida

Pain releases endorphins to warn the body when something goes wrong. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the release of endorphins is worth the pain. This sense of euphoria is often difficult to get rid of. The effects of taking prescription pills gradually become intense as the drugs move through the body. In many cases, they will feel warm and sleepy. For instance, many people that are homeless take heroin because it guards them against the feelings of coldness amongst other problems.

The euphoria does not last long and the individual needs to get more chemical to feel the same. For instance, heroin acts for about an hour; morphine has a half-life of about four hours while methadone lasts for about twelve hours. The body gets used to the pain pills moving around the body. This means that the individual will need more to maintain his or her level of effectiveness. As you take more, the body keeps requesting for more. Luckily, our pain pill detox in South Florida is equipped to handle addictions to prescription pain medication.

Prescription Pain Pill Withdrawal

Heavy prescription pain pill use over a long period of time makes the user develop a tolerance to the drugs. As tolerance builds up, the user will need higher doses of the pill to feel the effects of the pills. Our Allure Detox program helps those addicted to pain pills to start a new life again by helping them to safely recover from the addiction.

Symptoms of withdrawal are usually seen when users stop taking the drugs. Those addicted to pain pills depend on them to reduce the effects of the uncomfortable feelings they are experiencing.

When you try to stop, you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms which range from nausea to pain. Since the body is already used to the regular supply of opiates, it will go through a very serious struggle to readjust to its new condition. This leads to a very bad reaction. Allure Detox’s opiate detox program will help the individuals to go through this withdrawal stage safely.

The common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cold flashes
  • Shaking
  • Fever

These are just some of the symptoms, as each person’s withdrawal process is unique. Our West Palm Beach drug detox will alleviate your withdrawal symptoms by following a medically-assisted detox process. At Allure Detox, our patients are comfortable with minimal pain throughout the withdrawal process.

Benefits of Pain Pill Detox

Allure Detox’s pain pill detox program creates a safe environment for managing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our detox program is supervised to prevent potential complications. During the pain pill detox program in West Palm Beach, Florida, patients can lose a considerable amount of bodily fluids. This is why it’s important for the individual to be supervised during withdrawal.

Other life-threatening issues can also pop up if the individual has existing mental issues such as depression or anxiety. Relapse and self-harm can also occur during withdrawal and detox. Thus, they should be carried out under in a medically-supervised environment such as what we offer at Allure Detox.

After detox, aftercare treatments can help the patients to build new skills that will help them to cope in a healthy way. Get in touch with us to discuss more what our pain pill detox in South Florida is about. If you or your loved one struggle with addiction to prescription pain pills, you can find help by calling Allure Detox’s addiction treatment specialists.

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