How To Detox Your Body From Drugs The Right Way

Detox is the start of one’s journey in recovery. When you start to recover, you will learn about how addiction impacted you spiritually and mentally. But during detox, the effects are primarily physical.

It’s natural to have trepidation surrounding detoxing from drugs, especially if you have been dependent for a long time. But, the more you learn about drug detox, the more you ensure your success. This blog post will give you the ins and outs of drug detoxes and teach you how to make sure the detox you or a loved one undergoes is safe and effective.

One thing that’s probably the most important to know about drug detoxing because people go through it with and without medical attention. There is a good deal of debate on whether or not people feel they should receive treatment while detoxing. In this blog post, we will lay out each option. It’s always best to be informed, especially in regards to your health.

Is “Natural Detox” Effective or Safe?

One option is to engage in a natural detox from your own home. People often try to combat the throes of withdrawal by engaging in activities such as yoga or exercise to distract themselves during this time. However, this is the least effective form of drug detox. Not only will it be painful and more likely to lead to relapse just days in, but it is also quite physically dangerous. Especially for heavy users, detox is hell. And it includes complex bodily processes that need to be monitored by a healthcare professional. This is especially true of alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal, a process from which you can die. You may have been aware of the genuine possibility of overdosing due to a surplus of drugs in one’s body. Still, with alcohol and benzodiazepines, your body can very well shut down from you going without.

Alcohol is such an impactful, dangerous drug because it changes the levels of neurochemicals in the user’s brain, specifically altering the neurochemical GABA. GABA calms people down and allows them to relax. After a time, when one goes into addiction, they produce less and less GABA naturally, and they rely upon the artificial GABA creation provided by alcohol. Experiencing this significant lack of GABA can be catastrophic for an alcoholic, and this deficit can result in seizures, delirium tremens, and other terrible side effects of detoxification. This highlights the utmost importance of having medical supervision when detoxing from alcohol and any drugs.

Benzodiazepines are also notoriously dangerous and difficult to get off. This class of anxiety drugs, which includes Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan, produces a euphoric effect in individuals and has an incredibly high potential for abuse. Don’t be fooled by their legal status. These drugs can do some severe damage. Both during abuse and withdrawal as well. They are similar to alcohol in that benzodiazepine-class drugs affect GABA too. This deficit in GABA leads to seizures and other effects that make Xanax withdrawal so tricky. This is why medical attention is so vital for benzodiazepine detox. And the individual shouldn’t just be attended to; they should be weaned off benzodiazepines to avoid seizures or other adverse effects.

Another type of detox people often wonder about is opiate detox, as opiates are at the forefront of the American battle with addiction. Opiate detox is incredibly, notoriously painful but less dangerous than the first two-drug detoxes we mentioned. However, the body still goes through many scary, sad, alarming processes when ridding the body of opioids. This is especially true for suboxone and methadone, two legal forms of opiates essentially that are designed for people to use for weaning off heroin or other opiates. Especially methadone is an incredibly potent opioid, and subsequently, there are specific detox centers that have methadone detox and opiate detox in general. This medical supervision is critical in ensuring ultimate comfort and safety in you or a loved one.

Medically Supervised Detox is a Better Choice

Medically supervised detox has a lot of benefits. The professionals employed at the detox center you choose will be very understanding and knowledgeable regarding addiction. Furthermore, you will be set up for success after attending a medical detox. Many drug detoxes feed into long-term treatment programs, categorically listed as the route to success in recovery. The longer you stay in a safe environment, the more likely you are to avoid relapse. When detoxing at home, you have to face the cold, challenging world after severe pain and withdrawal. Another benefit of medical detox is that they can administer drugs like buprenorphine or naltrexone to mitigate the painful effects of detoxing from drugs.

If you are suffering from addiction, it’s natural to feel nervous or afraid about the prospect of detoxing. The idea of getting sick, being emotional and vulnerable, and going without a coping mechanism is a lot to take in. that’s why it’s so important to receive physical assistance and emotional help during drug detox. Here at Allure Detox, we provide around-the-clock medical care as well as compassion and emotional aid. If you’re serious about detoxing- and recovering- Allure Detox is the place for you.