Best Treatment Methods for Heroin Withdrawal

If a person has become addicted to heroin, they are likely to experience withdrawal when they quit, but withdrawal symptoms can also appear following short use. Physically, heroin withdrawal may feel like having the flu. People often experience nausea, diarrhea, runny nose, achiness, tremors, fatigue, chills, and sweats. Move severe symptoms can also occur such as difficulty breathing, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

While heroin withdrawal can be intense and uncomfortable, the worst of the symptoms usually pass within a week. Depending on the level and length of use, recovering heroin addicts are likely to suffer post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), including poor sleep, poor concentration, increased anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fatigue, hypersensitivity, irritability, mood swings, restlessness, and memory loss. PAWS can last anywhere from 18-24 months. The effects on mood and behavior can last months after other withdrawal symptoms pass. However, as time goes by and the user remains drug-free, the symptoms will slowly begin to diminish.

heroin withdrawal

Going Cold-Turkey with Heroin will Bring Withdrawal

Stopping heroin “cold-turkey” brings about a rapid onset of withdrawal symptoms, which are very difficult to endure. The risk of experiencing a relapse during withdrawal is high as the craving to use and stop the symptoms can be overwhelming. When people try to self-taper their heroin use on their own they are seldom successful. A relapse during withdrawal sometimes leads to overdose.

Quitting cold-turkey is not recommended as it is the most difficult and dangerous way to attempt to address addiction. Medically supervised detox with withdrawal medications, counseling support, and symptom management make the experience much easier, safer and more likely to result in a successful recovery.

There are many ways of treating heroin withdrawal. Two of the most commonly used approaches are behavioral and pharmacological (medications). The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) states, although behavioral and pharmacologic treatments can be extremely useful when utilized alone, research shows that for many people, integrating both types of treatments is the best approach.

Behavioral Therapies

The many effective behavioral treatments available for opioid use disorder can be delivered in outpatient and residential settings. Approaches such as future planning and cognitive-behavioral therapy have been shown to effectively treat heroin addiction, especially when applied in concert with medications. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is designed to help modify the patient’s expectations and behaviors related to drug use and to increase skills in coping with various life stressors

Pharmacological Treatment (Medication)

Medications developed to treat opioid use disorders work through the same opioid receptors as the addictive drug, but are safer and less likely to produce the harmful behaviors that characterize a substance use disorder. Two of the most effective medications are Methadone and Buprenorphine.

At Allure Detox that is exactly what you’ll get, the best, behavioral and medical treatments. While we at Allure focus on safe, medically monitored detoxification, we also offer a comprehensive and effective inpatient program, designed for continuous care. Our West Palm Beach residential addiction treatment program follows an evidence-based approach to treating addiction.

Our specific program offers traditional and group therapy, as well as new, unique amenities, such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic services. Nutrition is also very important when it comes to addiction recovery – eating healthy, well-rounded meals will help the body and mind heal faster and remain stronger.

We at Allure believe that comprehensive recovery involves the mind and the body and that laying the groundwork for a healthy life includes the introduction to and instilment of healthy habits. When it comes to our residential program, no stone is left unturned. Of course, as our clients move forward in their treatment programs, they will be re-evaluated, and their individual treatment plans will change depending on their progress.

Allure Detox is ready to help those suffering from heroin and opioid withdrawal. We can free you or your loved one from the physical symptoms of addiction and start you on the path to recovery. Please contact us today if you or someone you love is suffering the pain of addiction.